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Equipment Operating Instructions

Bragg Bounce Rentals primary objective is to provide selection and value, without sacrificing safety, cleanliness and FUN. Please review the information provided below for the safe operation of all rental equipment and to ensure you provide a safe, yet enjoyable, environment for all your guests. Included below are links to written instructions to aid you in the proper operation of the equipment.

Inflatable Unit Operation and Safety.


While in use, ALL inflatable units require proper adult supervision.

Always separate children by age groups, if possible. This may be accomplished by forming separate lines and setting time periods for different groups. An attendant should stand at the entrance of the unit and watch the children. He or She should assist smaller children, in and out of the unit. Never exceed the capacity of the unit.

The maximum number of participants (unit capacity), based on groups of children separated by age are:

Size of Unit Under 5 Under 8 9 to 13 yrs +13 yrs
15 x 15 7 - 10 10 - 12 8 5

No one should enter an air-inflated unit wearing shoes, jewelry, watches, glasses, or possessing any sharp objects, including anything in the their pockets or attached to clothing.

Absolutely NO Food, drink, gum or silly string inside the bounce house.

Silly String WILL Permanently Damage the Bounce House and you will be responsible for damages and cleaning fees as outlined in your rental agreement.

Do not allow climbing on Unit or netting of equipment by persons inside or outside of the Bounce House.

Do not jump on inflatable entry step area of Unit.

No one should engage in horseplay, rough or aggressive behavior, flips, stunts, wrestling or any other behavior that could lead to physical injury to themselves and to others.

No one should touch or move the blower assembly, open any zippers, untie the air hoses or disconnect the electricity after the air inflated bounce unit is up and in use.

If wind gusts exceed 25 miles per hour or it starts to rain, immediately STOP the children from bouncing and have them exit the Unit. Turn the blower motor off after the children exit and wait for the weather to subside. Turn the blower back on and dry it off with towels if it is wet.

Blowers run continuously when unit is in use. Be certain that all release vents are kept tied and all zippers are in the closed position during operation. If air pressure seems low, determine if the air supply chute/sleeve (from blower to unit) is straight, without bends, no foriegn objects such as leaves, paper, plastic objects are not sucked on to the intact of the blower, make sure the chute/sleeve is securely tied around the neck of the blower.

If the blower stops, remove children from the unit, determine if the cord is plugged in, then, if necessary, check the electrical panel box for a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse.  Please call office or any number you have been contacted with to let us know all these possible items have been checked and it has been determined the blower has stopped working so we can make it a priority to come and replace the blower and your event can continue with fun.

Inflatable Unit must be anchored to the ground at all times with anchore straps to stakes or sandbags and should never be untied.  

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